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Publications, Workshops and Presentations


Generations at Work, Article, Diverse Workplace, Inc.
Assessing Organizational Culture as a Diversity Tool Insights, Publication of the Northeast Human Resources Association, Winter 2004
Diversifying Your Staff, Bulletin, The Association of Performing Arts Presenters, Volume: No.4, April, 1991
Directing Diversity, Symphony, American Symphony Orchestra League, Volume 45. l' July/August, 1994
How do you act in a group? "High and Low Context", The Edge, Xavier Associates, Volume No.1, Summer, 1998

Workshops and Presentations

Presenter, “We’ve Come This Far, Where Do We Go from Here?” Codman Health Center, 2009
Strategic Planning Consultant, UrbanArts Institute, 2008
Presenter, The Disparities Solution Center Leadership Program, Massachusetts General Hospital, 2008
Facilitator, Regional Planning Meetings, Theater Communications Group (TCG), 2007
Developer and Facilitator, “Cultural Diversity in Health Care Settings,” Faulkner Hospital, 2006
Developer and Facilitation, “Respect in the Workplace,” Millipore, 2005
Facilitator, Board Development Retreat, North Shore Music Theatre, 2004
Presenter, Illinois Arts Council Annual Conference, 2003
Presenter, National Guild of Community Schools of the Arts Annual Conference, 2003
Presenter, New England Human Resources Association, 1999 & 2003
Developer and Facilitator, "Culturally Competent Healthcare," cultural forums, Boston Medical Center, 1998 to 2003
Presenter, "Recruiting Minority Groups for Research," National Conference of the General Clinical Research Centers, 1998
Presenter, "Food, Culture and Research: Increasing Competency Dealing With Diverse Cultural Orientations," National Conference of the General Clinical Research Centers, 1998